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  • Becky Brinkerhoff

    Becky Brinkerhoff

    I’ve never been chill a day in my life. Humor bylines in McSweeny’s, Slackjaw, Points in Case, and Funny-ish. Twitter: @beckythehoff

  • Rachel Dulberg

    Rachel Dulberg

    Privacy, AI & data nerd, tech lawyer & former entrepreneur. I write about issues at the convergence of innovation, technology, law & the future of privacy.

  • Matt Salis

    Matt Salis

    I live in Denver, Colorado, with my wife and four kids. I write and speak about addiction and recovery. Please follow my blog at SoberAndUnashamed.com.

  • Madé Lapuerta

    Madé Lapuerta

    Big nerd writing about the intersection between technology & fashion. Spanish/Cuban turned New Yorker. Founder & Editor at Dashion: medium.com/dashion.

  • Jeff Barton

    Jeff Barton

    Dad, runner, author, a bunch of other labels. I write about life, mental health, and running. Starting life over, one day at a time. Creator of Runner’s Life.

  • saint ijachi

    saint ijachi

    A chill dude with charisma, Good vibes and synergy I love writing and reading, love playing games, work out and alot more I need to discover about myself

  • Phaylen Fairchild

    Phaylen Fairchild

    Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright phaylens@gmail.com

  • Jack Vance

    Jack Vance

    Blogger @ Atheist Revolution | I write about atheism, humanism, skepticism, freethought, and secularism.

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